India’s pioneering B2B platform for aggregating semi-skilled and unskilled labour

Workerkart is an integrated technology based solutions platform that facilitates companies and corporations to hire, manage and up-skill their blue collar workers/ labour. We provide labour hire for entities which work with blue collar staff in various industries across sectors in India.

The labour hire industry in India is highly dynamic as well as un-organised. We utilise the skills of our workforce in collaboration with the development of custom software to present superior outcomes for our clients.

  • Are you an E-Commerce vendor looking for workers to pack and dispatch your goods?
  • Are you a caterer looking for food delivery boys?
  • Are you a builder looking for labour for your construction site?
  • Are you a tent house owner looking for helpers for the wedding season?
  • Are you a farmer looking for help to harvest your crop?
  • Are you an NGO looking for staff to cook for and feed homeless persons?

Need a blue collar worker look no further!


Workerkart provides labour hire solutions across industries in remote, rural as well as metropolitan areas in India. See More


Workerkart provides the Workerkart staff management software for smooth running of your projects and enterprises. See More


Workerkart provides multiple tools to retain, foster and up-skill the hired workforce. See More

Why Workerkart?

  • Complete Transparency
  • Robust Sourcing backed by strong network of centers in rural India
  • Vetted and screened resources
  • Value Added Features like Up-skilling
  • Tech based staffing solutions
  • Affordable Pricing

We provide vetted and screened labour to not only enhance your productivity and efficiency but ensure your safety and security too, for customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

About Us

Workerkart is founded by an efficient team of entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of working on providing solutions in the most unorganized of sectors in India and successfully converting them into sustainable business models. The team values above all an enhanced service experience for its clients. Our custom software assists in mobilising staff onto job sites, staff management as well as financial processing. We source our workers from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa.