WorkerKart offers customised services for the needs of our clients. From training, to background checks, we offer and end-to-end service. Our corporate customers are handled by a team of expert customer relationship specialists who have excelled in handling ground operations in India and abroad. Our job is to help our clients in every way possible for all their blue collar employment.

Hiring Services

Workerkart is a one stop shop for all kinds of blue collar staffing requirements across industries across sector across the country. We leverage our strong network in the hinterland to source the workers straight from villages. Our sourcing mechanism is robust, local and specific to the clients’ needs. Screened and vetted work force saves time while ensuring safety and compliance issues.

Managing Services

Workerkart offers tech-enabled solutions for managing the workforce such as tracking attendance, productivity, disbursals, payments, billings, compliances, deployments and more for optimising efficiency and maximising productivity. This also enables real time feedback which helps in taking informed decisions for future planning.

Value Added Services

Workerkart offers you a range of value added services which are customised to the clients’ requirements from providing a customer relationship manger to up-skilling the staff if required to facilitating workers’ health check-ups or access to insurance and more. With a small spend and no effort you can make your processes and workforce more effective and efficient.